Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


On a standard GoJak®, when you insert the jack around the tire, the pedal is mounted on the left and rises to the right.

If the wheel is turned and locked to the right, a right GoJak® should be used.

If the wheel is turned and locked to the left, then a left GoJak® should be used.

This reverse pedal positioning is important when the vehicle is locked or disabled and the front wheels are turned at an extreme angle. In these circumstances, operation of a standard GoJak® may prove difficult as the foot pedal will be pointing inside the wheel well on one of the front tires. This is when a left GoJak® (pictured below) is very useful.  The pedal orientation will make jacking on a sharply turned wheel more accessible.

Left GoJak®’s have become especially helpful in the towing and recovery industry where the user may not always be able to straighten the steering wheel out and have to move the car as is.

Left GoJak

Left GoJak®

Left GoJak

Right GoJak® (Standard)

Short Answer: No

For personal or shop use when you can always access the vehicles steering wheel, 4 standard (right) units will be fine.  To be safe you can consider 3 standard (right) and 1 left unit.

If buying a pair of GoJaks®, such as for mounting on a tow truck, 1 standard (right) and 1 left may be helpful if you commonly find yourself in situations where cars are locked or disabled.

Short Answer: Yes

Our new and improved G567R GoJak® Storage Cart can now accommodate any model or combination of 4 GoJaks®.  This will replace the 456R model.

G6313L – Left Hand Unit


Current GoJak® Models

Discontinued GoJak® Models

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RakJaks compressed height varies in size from 5.25” to 7.25”



The lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable design employs gravity to help force the blast media into a hardened steel mixing chamber. Compressed air then forces the particles through a top grade alumina ceramic nozzle at extraordinary velocity. Speed Blaster ® is self-contained and small for easy storage in a toolbox drawer. The next time you need to blast something, just connect compressed air and go.

Rust, scale and corrosion are tough to fully remove. Blasting high-speed media particles at the work piece is the best way to get into all the small niches in the metal to ensure complete removal. Speed Blaster’s ® gravity fed, safety vented reservoir tank eliminates tubes or siphon hoses that can easily clog. Speed Blaster ® runs continuously and virtually clog free with the correct media and moisture-free air. And you can use a variety of blast media that do not exceed 14 grit.



Container Capacity : 26 Oz.

Operating Pressure : 60 -100 PSI

Working Pressure : 70 -100 PSIAir Consumption : 10 CFM – 100 PSISuggested Air Compressor : 3 HPFitting Size : 1/4″ NPTGun Material : ABSPackaging Weight : 1.25 lbsMax. Particle Size : 14 GritColors Available Red, White, Blue

Media Type – MAX 14 GRIT

Sanblaster Media Type

Aluminum Oxide Grit

Silicon Carbide Grit

Garnet Grit

Steel Grit

Steel Shot

Glass Bead

Black Beauty Grit

Stainless Steel Shot

Glass/Aluminum Oxide

Ground Glass

Walnut Shells

Corn Cob

Plastic Grit

Baking Soda

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